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Some Pre-Birthday Thoughts on a Busy Friday Morning

After a couple months of everything in life feeling like it was a little harder than it needed to be, and life just throwing one sucker punch after another, it feels like the proverbial clouds have parted and ease is raining down upon me.
My week has been busy, as will the next few days be, too. My mind’s not on sex, not on writing, so I’m just taking a moment to share before the craziness comes down.
Some family’s coming to visit me this weekend, as I secretly suspect my aunt wants to shower a little money on me after having lost 45+ pounds this year. I was laughing on the phone with her last weekend, saying how I’ve suspended my weight-loss campaign (before McCain’s “suspension madness”) because I can’t afford the clothes I need for my new body, let alone a skinnier one, so I’ve pushed the pause button for the last couple months. All of a sudden I get this phone call last night saying they’re coming to town and seeing me for the first time in two years. I can’t help but smell a shopping trip. (Please, Cosmos?)
Monday I turn 35. Wow! The end of an era. The end of being in that coveted 18-34 demographic. I will officially be out of the realm of cool. And I couldn’t care less. Continue reading

Hi, I'm Steff, I'll be Your Blogger. Some Ideas I'm Considering… & Sugasm

So, I suck. I’m totally behind the times with Sugasm, and it would seem I was the top pick in week 144. Cool. To anyone who voted, thanks so much. đŸ™‚
We’ll get back to that later.
I’m kind of in this whirlwind with a mental list of a thousands things to write about and I just can’t pick which one to run with.
In the next while, though, some of the things you can expect to see from me are a little more on my recent efforts in pursuing men. Like, why, after a veritable Sahara desert of dating for the last two years I suddenly decide I’m interested in dating, and I land 10 first dates in a month? I mean, is there something to the old wisdom of our ability to project our needs when we’re ready to really go there? What’s the deal? Why now, why so easily? Why? Not that I’m complaining.
Well, okay, I’m complaining: I still haven’t had good sex. I could’ve probably shagged, easily, half the dates I had, but why would I? None of them really smacked of being my type. So do I have the right to complain about not getting laid if I’m the one who’s opting out of charity fucks when they’re there for the taking? Continue reading