Whoring for Comments: Pimp Me, Baby

Y’know, this month has been whack. I’ve had some 70,000 people pop by since April Fool’s Day, which is just, well, weird. Yet so few people come out to say hello. C’mon, people. Show some love, say hi, comment on the weather, whatever gets you off.
Blogging’s a pretty masturbatory past-time. We wank off intellectually and throw out emissions out here for y’all to swallow. It can be a strange sensation, especially when it’s of such a personal nature as to be about sex in any way. It’s comments that take the edge off it. Come on, was it good for you, too?
Say something. You know ya wanna. Besides, I’m staring down the barrel of a deadline that has me frozen like a jackrabbit in desert headlights. Humour me.

19 thoughts on “Whoring for Comments: Pimp Me, Baby

  1. ArkayToday

    Well, that was certainly good for me. And thanks for explaining the whole blog thing in terms I can understand, and relate to. Intellectual Masturbation. This is why I’m not a writer. I can’t come up with shit like that.

    To see what kind of shit I do come up with check me out. And because I’m a comment whore myself, leave one when ya do. πŸ˜‰

  2. Amber

    We’re all comment whores, tho I think your comments section is way better than mine, I haven’t given over to writing anything really deep or interesting I just blather πŸ™‚

  3. Katie

    I don’t leave comments because I have absolutely nothing (wait… no… nope) valuable to add on the art of hand jobs or blow jobs… etcetera.

    Except that I’ve learned a lot from you. I appreciate that, immensely.

  4. Miss Syl

    I’m here all the time reading–you’re on my “daily sustenance” blog roll. But for some reason, though I love comments on my blog, I get shy on others. I always feel silly just saying, “Good post,” and think I should wait until I have something worthwhile to contribute. But on your blog, I tend to think so closely along your lines that all I’d be able to say was, “Yeah, what you said.” But I thoroughly enjoy every post. πŸ™‚

  5. SemperSexualis

    I always figure if I’m commented before I’m not invited to the comment parties so I generally hold off. But I’ll break that rule for you. Because I CAN.

  6. Anonymous

    i almost never read the comments on blogs for some reason… not sure why. but i do enjoy the posts. i just use emails instead of comments for when i have questions πŸ˜€

  7. MTSeven

    Yes. Feedback. A good idea.
    I really enjoy your blog. Among the 100 or so I follow, you are in that small cluster of my favs.
    Why? It might be that you’re on the wet coast. Hmm. Not really though. It’s because I love what you write about. The topics themselves and the way you write about them. There’s information about all aspects of sex with an organized layout – I think that’s what captured my attention first. I think most of all, it’s the cornerstone: cunnilingus, my favourite of all topics. The scent, the taste, it connects with me in a primal way. It’s the title of your blog.
    So thank you for your blog. And it’s always a good idea to ask for feedback, if you’re wondering. Sometimes we just cruise and don’t express our appreciation for all the effort good bloggers share with us. Like you.
    Thanks again.

  8. MsBehavn

    Your blog is one of my favourites too and there’s been more than one occasion where I’ve read a post here and gone “Hmmm … that’s exactly what I would’ve/could’ve/should’ve said!” Thanks Steff.


  9. Horny Old Guy

    “Blogging’s a prettty masturbatory pastime…” Yeah I think that’s why it so much…you get to jack off in public and don’t end up in the slammer! Great blog! First time here but I’ll be back! Cheers!

  10. Romancing Simplicity

    Hello. I’m in that big bunch who almost never says hello…but it’s nothing personal, I promise. I just never have anything to add because what you say typically makes plenty of sense.

    Maybe I’ll work on throwing you a bone more often. In the meantime, great blog, hello, and I hope you have a happy day.

  11. scribe called steff

    SMOOOOOOOOOOOOCH! Y’all rock, you know.

    I appreciate the comments, regardless of their profundity. Comments really are what make bloggers come back for more and more and more. It’s like the orgasm in sex, you know? The resulting conclusion is exactly what makes you want to go through all that all over again, as soon as you recharge. It’s great that way. Comments are the jism of blogging.

    And you guys wear it well. (smirk) No, seriously, it does feel nice to get a pat on the back once in awhile, but I’m really in this to hear others’ experiences, since I learn a lot from it. Life’s a communal experience and when we hear about things that happen to others, it cements it for ourselves. Well, I’m doing the writing, so if I hear someone say, “Oh, that’s totally what went down for me, too!” it makes me feel like I’ve hit a nail on the head. We call it “resonance,” and to achieve it as a writer is about as good an experience as the lifestyle offers. “I resonated, man.” It’s a wicked, wicked thing.

    So, if you all agree all the time or whatever, great, but yeah, hearing how it hits home or more importantly, WHY it does, is something I really treasure.

    Anyhow, thanks for the check-in. And nice to meet some of you, but I’ve seen comments from half of youse, and it’s always nice to see ya back. Anyone else?


  12. Ashley Johnston

    And just when I thought you had it all figured out turns out you are dealing with the same problems as the little guy. It’s comforting in a way, and dishearting in a way.

    What of this ‘theboyfriend’ character in your comments. Does this mean we are not allowed to flirt with you. You can still play for fun right?

  13. scribe called steff

    Whaddya mean, as the little guy? I am the little guy. I’m only starting to send my writing into the world. I’ve never really given it a go, and it’s time.

    The Boyfriend is my guy, my squeeze, el dude o’ mine. I can flirt a little publically, he probably won’t care that much, but I’m not going to tell him not to express his presence or claim me as his. I’m cool with a little cromagnon-ish “She MINE” behaviour. It’s amusing. Besides, you called his manhood into “questionable future” territory, and any man worth his salt would probably defend hisself. Heh!

    But yeah, I don’t care if you flirt with me. If I think it’s inappropriate, I’ll ignore it. If it’s light-hearted and fun, I’ll probably play along.

    I had an interesting email I still need to respond to, which will fuel a future posting, in regards to what the definition of “cheating” should be, IMHO. So that might clarify my stance a little.

  14. Orchid

    I only recently found you, and I heart you. Yours is one of my two most favorite sex blogs; I hope you don’t mind I linked you from my site. Which of course is doing you no good, as it’s new and it’s (as far as I can tell) yet unread. But that’ll change, and there still will be the link.

  15. Orchid

    Thanks for becoming the inaugural reader and commenter! Don’t blame you for not wanting to fuck with your template often – I usually ask Spadix to do it for me. When I’ve got a little more for folks to read, I’ll certainly take you up on the offer to email you asking for a reciprocal link. Thankee!

  16. The boyfriend

    Ash, you can flirt all you like. But she’s biting the back of my neck as I type this. I’d say I’m sorry…but I’m not.


  17. Ashley Johnston

    You better not be sorry you, lucky bastard! Perhaps I crossed a line with the thing. I’ll think about it.. later.

    Steff, you say 70,000 hits this month. If you are getting more hits than you are creating I have a hard time thinking of you as the little guy.

    I’m here I might as well vent this too.. Cheating. I think this is the one thing Dr. Phil gets right. A relationship is an agreement (usually implied) between people. Cheating is when you break that agreement. Mind you this can get complicated. I was in a relationship where the agreement was I had to ensure my partner had plausible deniability of knowing. This was obviously an implied, though common, understanding. As long as she could say she didn’t know I could do what I wanted w/o cheating.

    Crazy, eh?

  18. Aphrodite

    You know I adore you! The thing is, I usually have a hard time finding blogging time…..which means commenting doesn’t happen much.


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