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We use words like “empty” and “full” to judge qualities of life —
“Oh, he’s amazing, he leads such a full life!”
“Wow. I feel so sorry for her when she leaves to go home, she looks so sad, like her night and life are so empty.”
…But how much of those “full” lives is filler? And how much is just arbitrary because of choices made earlier? Who or what is the standard for measuring weightiness or completeness of existence?
What’s St. Peter gonna say at the gate? “Oh, sorry, another 3.7 activities per annum and you might’ve led a “full” life, but, no, you don’t squeak through, even. I’m afraid we’re filing you under “adequate” life. Better luck next tim– Oh, ha, yeah. That’s our little joke here. Too bad you weren’t Buddhist, eh?” Continue reading

A Posting About BumperStickers to Feed Your Dirty Little Habit

It’s been a weird week. I’ve written a few times, but just not for you. It happens.
I’m tired. Worked out twice today. The second time was a doozy. Did a pretty intense but short (7k) cycling sprint that had me spent after, THEN I did my second 30-minute set of intense plyometrics for the day. (First was at 7:30am.) When done, I was shaking all over. So, yeah, no writing tonight, either. I’m inhabiting a secret world of dread as to how my abs will feel come morning. Oh, lordie. Oh.
So, in lieu of a “real” posting, I’ll share with you a list of all my favourite bumper stickers I’ve ever had on either my vehicles or my laptop. I’m not subtle.