Oh, Tiger Woods, You FAILED Us… BAD Golfer!

Oh, boo-hoo. Really? Tiger failed you?
It turns out people are whining more about the fact that the mighty golf god Tiger Woods has proven to be all-too-human and just as flawed as most people in the public eye.
I can’t believe the air of entitlement from the public about this. Like Tiger Woods did this to YOU?
What did Tiger sign up to do in life? Be Jesus? No, as a toddler he picked up a golf club and showed a profound affinity to it. He didn’t enroll in Dalai Lama classes or learn how to hang out on a cross for three days and change water to wine.
He played GOLF. He hit a stupid ball with a stick, and he was INCREDIBLE at it. He became the best player to EVER play the sport.
He did THAT to the best of his abilities.
Then, like most profoundly gifted people, he fucked up in other areas of his life.
So what do we have now? We have blowhards like wanker-to-the-nth, Augusta Golf Club’s Chairman Billy Payne, saying ridiculous things like, “Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children. It is not simply the degree of his conduct that is so egregious here, it is the fact he disappointed all of us and more importantly our kids and our grand kids.”
Are you kidding me?
Here’s a chance for EVERY PARENT IN THE WORLD to do what they should’ve been doing all along:
Explain to the kids that celebrities are people, and they make humongous mistakes in life, too. Explain how “celebrity” usually means someone’s good at one special thing, and they’re probably better at that one thing than most people ever will be, but that “celebrity” also leads people to think that being GOOD at that ONE thing means that they get a pass on being good at many other things — like living a moral life — and that it’s important to remember how easy it is to let your life get out of balance and lose responsibility for yourself.
Like Tiger did.
Tiger Woods — THE GREATEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD, EVER — has screwed up and been human.
It’s a good time for EVERYONE to remember that if Tiger can be human, we probably all will be, too.
Naturally, Tiger’s brand of “fucking up” goes above and beyond the average person’s ability to do so — but so do the demands of his life, the surreality of HIS fame, and the enormously frequent opportunities to screw up. So, of course the scope of his fallout is legendary, because so is his life. Perspective.
A skill or talent, or even brilliance, does not mean someone is immune from insecurities, emotional baggage, mental illness, stupid judgment, or the ability to be a complete ass.
Let’s start judging skills, talent, progeny, brilliance, and scope for what it is — being good at ONE thing, not EVERYthing — and stop assuming it comes with some moral pedigree.
In our daily lives, we’re all flawed to varying extents, and none of us ever faces the vast temptations and moral compromises those in the public eye do, and yet we’d like to keep our skeletons well hidden behind our closets.
Unlikely any of us has ever had anything close to the sexual escapades and betrayals that Tiger Woods has come to light with, but it doesn’t make the demands we place on our celebrities any less hypocritical.
Get real, people. Morality should be taught at home and at church.
Expecting it from celebrities today is as stupid and naive as it was in Roman times.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Get the memo. And get over it.

3 thoughts on “Oh, Tiger Woods, You FAILED Us… BAD Golfer!

  1. ironshirtmedia

    um…yeah that’s pretty much perfect.
    love the visual of tiger hanging on a cross…
    We go through this at least once a decade because people are so busy fucking idol-worshiping athletes and move stars.
    Tiger never asked to be or claimed to be the Golf Jesus. he’s a regular guy and beyond that if all of these retards that are so busy pointing the finger at tiger for his missteps would read anything about the Real Jesus they would remember that judgment isn’t the best method to help a guy like Tiger.
    Compassion tends to work better to achieve the desired result. but maybe I’m wrong we could always turn to publicly shaming “wanker-to-the-nth, Augusta Golf Club’s Chairman Billy Payne” for upholding a sexist tradition of not letting women be members at Agusta.

  2. Susan

    Yes! I hope the people who like golf will just enjoy Tiger’s golf and forget about his private escapades.
    I tell my son that fame and fortune can have a weird influence on people. I don’t encourage him to idolize people anyways.
    Tiger just seems a bit more interesting to me now, since I’ve never really enjoyed golf. A scandal is always a bit entertaining, I must admit. That racy Tiger! My dad has always loved watching golf and I told him I was one of Tiger’s “other women” – that we’d met he was in Vancouver… and my dad laughed and said: “he’s never been in Vancouver!”
    But I do feel sorry for the man – and his family – that his life has gotten out of control and distorted by fame and fortune. I hope he has some great golf games and have a good life and get over the media crap.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.


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