Oh, Mr. President.

Take note men. Even the President gives his coat to his woman when she’s a little chilly. In this cute shot taken by the White House photographer on the way to a ball Inauguration night, Michelle’s given his coat because she’s a cold. I love this shot. Love, love, love.
Chivalry might be dead, but maybe, along with civic service, old-school national pride, and a possible economy, maybe it’ll be yet another thing given a healthy boost by Obama. Enter: The Era of Cool.
Sure as fuck beats the era of Blowhard we’re just exiting.
I like my men old-fashioned when it comes to etiquette. I want please and thank you. I want eye contact and a heavy dose of gratuitous complimenting when I put a tasty plate of pot pie before him. I want the door held open, and I want all the old-school manners I was taught in private school.
I want him to be able to be a little bad, too, but only after he’s held the door open for me, y’know what I’m saying? A nice well-timed dirty leer in the middle of a long night goes a long way sometimes.
Oh, Mr. President. I swoon for your community-organizing, big-word-speakin’, coat-givin’, wide-smilin’ ass. This is gonna be a lovely four years. I imagine it’ll be a while before I tire of the contrast between him and W.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Mr. President.

  1. jhp2

    Very nice gesture indeed.
    Note that things may be different in your neck of the woods, but there is no shortage of old-school national pride where I live and in the circles in which I belong. Of course, there is a shortage of Huffpo and Kos readers among them and most either served, are serving or had/have family serving. Makes a big difference, I guess.

  2. A Scribe Called Steff Post author

    JHP — I beg to differ, actually. Not saying there IS NO old-school pride in America. I just believe that, for a few years, things got a little too ethnocentric for my tastes in the United States.
    Speaking as a Canadian, what WE saw was just blind rah-rah Americanism.
    When I talk about old-school national pride, I’m talking about being proud of a country for what it really has accomplished, and knowing where it needs work.
    There’s a big difference between that and the “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude spawned by antagonistic foreign policy that somehow, for a while, with “Freedom Fries” and all that bullshit, became some sort of we’re-victims-so-we’ll-rage-against-the-world ethnocentric attitude where everyone else was wrong.
    I haven’t LIKED the American pride I’ve seen in the last 7-8 years.
    I miss the American pride that inspires its citizens to do better, be better, and I think that’s the kind that Obama’s trying to bring back in vogue.
    If that makes me some sort of shit-disturber, que sera sera.

  3. emma

    I want someone from the Obama mold please! He could not be sexier, on every damn level! And I am SO glad he’s not just a figment of my imagination. Maybe as part of the public works projects he’s suggesting in his stimulus package, he can institute some old-fashioned reconditioning of modern men, insert some of that “old school” he displays with such aplomb!
    emma’s last blog post..Color Barriers


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