My New Hairdo!

I owe you guys a posting, I know! Tomorrow. No, really!
In the meantime, I took a chance on a hairdressing school that didn’t disappoint a couple years back, and told ’em the spirit of what I wanted, that I was a “fauxhawk” kinda gal, and that I’d kicked ass and took names enough to lose 50 pounds, and this was my “reinventing” hairdo. I also told ’em I was open to something fun.
So, cap highlights done, the professor goes, “Ohmigod, I totally want to put something brighter around here–” and points to my bangs “…because it’d make your eyes look amazing. Can I do some foils? You got another half-hour?”
I laughed and told him to have at ‘er. Then he proceeded to NOT tell me what colour the highlights would be. The suspense was worth it. Total cost for cap highlights, about eight foils, and a cut? $56 after taxes.
Yeah. That’s right. Ha! And here I be, without showing you too much of me…

PS: Everyone has raved so far at work and in life. Feels great.

4 thoughts on “My New Hairdo!

  1. Jason Langlois

    Well, boy howdy! That’s a great cut and does totally make your awesome eyes just seem all that much more amazing. Absolutely great cut.


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