Hey, peoples. To those who’ve offered their support to me over the past stressful month, thank you. You know who you are. (As do I.)
Am I completely satisfied with things yet? No. The dust hasn’t settled. Things may still change. (Hopefully continuing towards betterness; I’m optimistic. The jury’s out, as the saying goes.)
Therefore, things are still a little chaotic for me. The dust will settle slowly over the next two weeks, I expect, and as it does, my writing will get more regular. This weekend’s a long weekend in both the US and Canada, and while people may read, there are never comments on long weekends, and face it… we blog for comments. If we wanted to talk to ourselves, we’d hang out in front of the bathroom mirror, y’know? So, as always, my long weekend will be light on postings. I’ll save the good shit for the work week. Meanwhile, I’m gonna do some idea brainstorming.
If you have anything you’d like to see me tackle, then tell me, and I’ll mull that bad boy over.
Have a wicked weekend. Me, I’m having some sleep, some World Cup, and a dose of Superman. Yahoo.

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Anonymous

    Steff: could you write why men like handjobs so much. Thanks
    Have a wonderful long relaxing weekend.Love your stuff Steff R

  2. l'amoureux de KT

    Hey! I’m a dualie citizen so i have to celebrate the whole enchilada! boo hoo for me.

    And now, the punchline:

    I’m commenting on your blog!

    Hah! So there!

    And now, something pithy –

    I think you mentioned somewhere on this blog that your doctor was prescribing a 28-day course of birth control pills [no placebo] – and i think, from what i recall from some special tv thing [usa, maybe] that you won’t have any menses at all.

    Since that would appear to mean that you won’t be ovulating at all, do you still have a significant hormonal flux that makes you more or less interested in sex?

    On woman i knew intimated that it would forever be at a lower-interest level, hence why she wouldn’t take that step.

  3. Damnation's Cellar

    Have a great long weekend and keep that feather duster handy. As for me, it’s back to the bathroom mirror.


  4. Anonymous


    I’ve been told many times I should start a blog. I understand how cathartic it can be, just writing it down. But I don’t understand how people make money blogging. Do you?


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